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Come & Play Under the Caribbean Sun

The Old Fort Bay Club offers the best outdoor facilities to all our members.

Padel Tennis - Pickleball - Basketball

The Club's multifunction court offers pickleball, Padel Tennis, and two basketball half courts.

Soccer - Tetherball - Beach Volleyball

Soccer, tetherball and volleyball are available year-round on the Great Lawn, while sporting options such as children's archery may be scheduled at select times within the year.


Searching for enlightenment or just a scenic walk? Centered in the Great Lawn is a replica of the labyrinth inside of the Chartres Cathedral. The original was built around 1200AD as a representation of the spiritual quest of the pilgrim traveling to the holy land. At the center of the labyrinth is a rosette design symbolizing enlightenment and the four arms of the cross separate the four quadrants. The Labyrinth at the Old Fort Bay Club can be used for meditation purposes, walked for fun, or admired for its beauty and symbolism.

Paddle Boarding

Glide across crystal clear water as you balance and propel a buoyant board in this popular sport.


Surrounded by a tropical garden, the pool remains at a comfortable temperature in every season.