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Affiliated Clubs & Reciprocal Membership

The Old Fort Bay Club would like to remind our members that we have a reciprocal agreement with a few very prestigious clubs around the world.

As a guest-member at clubs within The Affiliated Club Group, options for overnight accommodations, club activities, concierge services, and five-star dining  will be at members' fingertips. The variety of locations provides year-round access to remarkable club facilities in two hemispheres and on three continents.
Each club in 'The Affiliated Club Group' is a direct reflection of its geographic and cultural standing and is perfectly aligned with the quality, service and operating standards of the group. Through The Affiliated Club Group, members have the opportunity to travel to unique destinations and enjoy exceptional accommodations, amenities, and services in diverse locations around the world.

The following club properties are part of the Affiliated Club Group. This partnership is just one of the many ways that the Old Fort Bay Club provides its members with an unparalleled experience. It is with the fondest hope that each club member will enjoy these unique destination travel adventures.

Affiliated Clubs